Who is Master Nejad?

MohammadReza PourgholamiNejad is one of the most successful and talented masters in the world who offer training in system of Wushu Kungfu. He is considered as a professional martial artist with over 47 years of experience and has also acquired many awards in championships, coaching, judges and membership in National and International records. Some of his apprentices are regarded champion in Wushu Kungfu at the level of Continental and World championships. They played a significant role in acquiring National team of Iran to ranks 2nd after 1st rank obtained by China team at 10th (Canada 2009) , 11th (Turkey 2011) , 12th (Malaysia 2013) , 13th (Indonesia 2015) , 14th ( Russia 2017 ) and 15th ( China 2019) World Wushu Championships among more than 100 countries.

Master Nejad has taught thousands of Iranian students and coaches for about 30 years (1987-2017), and many of his students are now World champions, National team coach, instructors and International Judges and coaches. He has been teaching Martial arts and Tai Chi in the United States of America since 2017.

He has published over 40 volumes and many articles with subject of marital arts and played as a main actor in several cinema movies to promote martial arts. He is also owner and chief editor of “Ghahreman sport magazine”.

Master Nejad as a member of Executive committee of the International Wushu federation(1999-2007) accompanying with other colleagues have made much efforts in promoting Wushu through the world for 8 years and so, and the main steps were followed to participate in the Olympic Games. He has also taken required measures in technical affairs of competitions, events and meetings as the member or vice-chairman of technical commit tee of Asian Wushu Federation since 1998. He has attended in most Wushu World and Continental championships since 1990. He also acquired 8th Wushu Duan in China (2014) and is known as an International Wushu Key Referee now.

Jet Li & Master Nejad in Beijing 2007

Well Trained and Well Traveled

Master Nejad started training in martial arts in 1972 in his home country Iran when he was eleven years old. After several years training in Kungfu Toa under supervisor of Professor Ebrahim Mirzaei and his Senior students: Grand Master Dadashi, Master Hoseinmardi and … he published two volumes in training of this style of Kung Fu between 1981 and 1982.

Then from 1983 he traveled to many Far East countries and China to learn various styles of Kung Fu Wushu, and was under supervision of Chinese Grand Masters named Cai Long Yun, Xia Baihua, Wu Bin, Meng Hui Feng, Zhu bao Jin, Zhu Ru Qi, Zhang Yuping, , Ma Zhong Xuan, Zhang Wangnan, Li Xiao Jie and insisted to learn Chinese martial arts including, Sanda(combat style), Nan Quan, Chang Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Zui Quan, Fanzi Quan, Southern Shaolin and Taichi.

A Teacher

Master Nejad started to teach apprentices in Iran and as result he established Iran Wushu Association authorized by State Physical Education Organization in 1989. After first National Iranian Wushu Championships and selecting the National team , he participated in the World Wushu Competitions as the first Iranian National Wushu team coach, held in Malaysia in 1993 during which the team members acquired 1st prize and 2nd prize in two wins in traditional styles event.

A Published Author

There several works were published from 1985 to 1994 about martial arts and some of them were republished by him. His seven volumes in training of the first series of Standard Wushu forms in 1994 , plays a remarkable role in appropriate and fundamental development of Wushu Kungfu techniques in Iran and neighboring countries.